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Hello everyone, welcome to my beauty world!

I am Lidya Natalia, Makeup Artist / Lash Artist / Beauty enthusiast from Bandung Indonesia. Actually, since little I am typically person who not really care about my appearance, skin, makeup, and cosmetic. I don’t have any skincare or makeup until I was in high school. I am start to buy some skincare and makeup when I was in university but honestly I am just buy and apply it on my skin when I am not lazy. Hahaha..  I have dream to be a career woman before but as time passes, people change too! I am starting loves about beauty since 2016. I feel enjoy everytime when doing beauty activities. And Yeay finally I am found my life!! For me, this beauty world that I entered not just job. This is my life, my passion, and my art. So, I want to share my passion to you through my web. Hope you enjoy your time when browsing on my web. ^^


Much love,

Lidya Natalia

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